social media for business

Social Media is a powerful tool for engaging and connecting with your customers. It allows you the opportunity to show your personal side, address customer concerns and also prove to them that you are an expert in the field. Leveraging Social Media for business is child’s play, provided you do it right.

If you take a look at the profiles of some of the most prolific social media influencers, starting with their backgrounds and how they achieved their success in a medium that is now filled with a vast amount of people vying for our attention, you come to realise that there is a clear and distinct formula for achieving desired success on Social Media. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you can use the power of Social Media for business  However, Social Media can also be a key driver of the new leads to your business and as these leads become your customers. Leveraging Social Media for business allows you the chance to nurture these relationships which ultimately lead to better connections.  Make sure that you actively listen and engage in conversations that are taking place in your field. Most industry conversations that take place online don’t just happen on your Facebook Page or in a group. That is the reason why you need to actively monitor the relevant keywords and hashtags that are used on Social Media for business. It is highly recommended for you to use a tool like Social Mention in order to track a series of words and phrases that are related to your business and industry, namely, your name, your business name, your competition’s business names and keywords that are related to common problems among your target group to name a few.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while leveraging social media for business.

  • Market Awareness: A primary rule for improving your business through social media is to study your market. The more knowledge you have regarding your target audience, the better you can appeal to your customers.

Social Media for Business

  • Strategy Development: It takes a lot of work to build a popular social media profile. In order to achieve any sort of goal, you need to create a solid plan and develop a strategy on how you intend to get to Point B from point A.


  • Quality matters: Your goal shouldn’t be about bombarding your users with way too many posts. It’s not about quantity, but the quality of the posts. Ensure that your posts are focused on your intended market and that it conveys an important message to the demographic.


  • Create Value: Social Media is about creating value. What type of value the posts bring, the messages they convey, and the appeal that the masses have towards them should be taken into account when creating posts.

 social media for business


  • Be active on Social Media: Are you serious about leveraging social media for business? Then make sure you are active on social media. Like, comment and share posts every single day. Make sure you develop relationships gradually.

 social media for business


  • Use the power of influencers: Power users and influencers can help in garnering the attention that you need. If you have the right profile which is in sync with an influencer’s base, then you may gain the right kind of followers.

  • Network More: If you want your business to gain attention, it’s not enough to simply post content on social media. Network with others, get a clear picture of what works for you and build your business.


  • Don’t overdo promotions: It’s not just about promoting your business. If you want to leverage social media growth for your business, you need to spend time delivering value. Don’t always try selling something to people, it might put them off your business.


  • Make it easier to buy: Make sure you focus on mobile if you want to be dominant on social media. Create a link on your profile that ensures your site has a healthy, responsive design, making it simpler to purchase.


Leveraging your business on social media isn’t just about how many posts you add or simply about starting a page. You need to ensure that your page is active and that the content you add is relevant to your business. More importantly, you need to be sure that the content you post is high on quality and conveys the message you intend to send to your audience.


Social Media for Business

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