So we’ve been talking about social media marketing since facebook launched the cute little events tab which became a regular obsession with promoters.. seeing those “attending” numbers shoot up was an adrenaline rush. We were still talking about social media marketing when MySpace did a belly flop and then ‎again when  instagram created web profiles and a few years later when linkedin launched their sponsored updates API with targeting that was so crazy it gave us marketers goosebumps.
It took us 6 years to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk, when one fine day for no reason at all one of us just got up in the morning and said “it’s time, butch.” (not as cool as it sounded in Pulp Fiction, but nonetheless)
If you ask us what we do we could probably spend a few days discussing ‎social media optimisation, lowering cost per acquisition, cross platform integration, engaging content curation  and all the other jargon that is regularly thrown in your face. In English, that would be – we use social media to grow your business. Period. You want all those people hanging around pinterest boards and youtube channels to come hang around in your outlet? Consider it done.
This blog will be a thought platform, to vent frustrations with the ever changing facebook newsfeed algorithms, to share what we love about what we do, a window into the XL world and life in the UAE in general. Welcome aboard. And yes Its time, Butch. It’s time to #GetXited
Over and out.

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