So recently a highly respected friend of ours working in advertising inquired about our unhealthy obsession with digital media. We thought looong and haard and in 48 seconds listed out 320 explanations. Here’s no. 28.This is for you, you know who you are!

So imagine a bright, shiny bridge banner bang on Sheikh Zayed Road. The one you yearn to see your brand plastered all over. What’s with all the hankering, may I ask? EVERYONE sees it, of course! Is the standard argument. No disrespect to the OOH industry, but out of the 350,000 cars passing by SZR everyday, how many people ACTUALLY read your message? And are all those people ACTUALLY going to buy your product?  What is your ROI? How can you rely solely on the feedback you get from your call center? Oh the questions!


Now picture this – You have your coveted branding on that coveted location but imagine a hard-working, fairly intelligent young bloke sitting on your sign all day long with a pair of binoculars and counting every single person that looks up to see your banner. He makes a note of where these people are coming from, what time of the day your banner is being noticed the most. His binoculars are so advanced, he peeps into cars (stalking for a higher purpose!) to see if they are picking up their phone to call your company or perhaps logging onto your website (the guy riding shotgun – not the driver obviously) and downloading your mobile app or even subscribing to your newsletter.

Oh and guess what? Forget rental! You only get charged if Mr. Shotgun decides to pick up that phone and say hello. Say what?

Welcome to PPC. Amen.

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